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January 2021
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UM names interim director for the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies BY NORA GÁMEZ TORRES ngameztorres@elnuevoherald.com

The University of Miami has appointed founder and former senior fellow Andy Gómez as interim director of the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-… Continue reading

Cuban Couple Prefers to Face the Jungle Rather Than the Law in Cuba

14ymedio, Mario J. Penton, Panama City, 2 July 2017 – They managed to escape Cuba to leave behind traces of corruption and negligence that, according to Yudenny… Continue reading

Eight Things You Need to Know about President Trump’s New Cuba Policy 07/13/2017 09:20 am ET William M. LeoGrande Professor of Government at American University

President Donald J. Trump signs the National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of… Continue reading

In Cuba, Growing Numbers Of Bloggers Manage To Operate In A Vulnerable Gray Area July 2, 20178:26 AM ET CARRIE KAHN

In recent years, a growing number of news and political websites have popped up in Cuba. Some are taking… Continue reading

They fled to avoid prosecution from a web of corruption that is part of daily life in Cuba BY MARIO J. PENTÓN mpenton@elnuevoherald.com

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA The couple fled Cuba to avoid the web of corruption and negligence that they… Continue reading

Under Trump’s revised policy, black Cubans will get left behind, again BY ALEJANDRO DE LA FUENTE delafuente@fas.harvard.edu

As President Trump announced the administration’s new policies on Cuba, I worried that Afro-Cubans would be the main losers. They have been losing… Continue reading

La nueva política hacia Cuba parece tener una ‘cláusula venenosa’ sobre las remesas MIMI WHITEFIELD mwhitefield@miamiherald.com

William LeoGrande, profesor de la American University especializado en las relaciones entre Cuba y Estados Unidos, dice que todo parece indicar que la nueva… Continue reading

Commentary: The real reason Trump wanted Cuba restrictions OPINION By Jonathan C. Brown – Special to the American-Statesman LYNNE SLADKY Posted: 4:00 p.m. Saturday, June 24, 2017

President Donald Trump’s reversal of his predecessor’s Cuban policies proves once again that… Continue reading

¿Miembro del aparato? Cero remesas: Trump aprieta las tuercas a castristas activos junio 23, 2017 Rolando Cartaya

Revirtiendo una generosa orden de Obama, su sucesor devuelve a la definición de “funcionarios prohibidos del Gobierno de Cuba” a un amplio espectro… Continue reading

Could 1 million more Cubans be deemed ineligible for remittances? BY MIMI WHITEFIELD mwhitefield@miamiherald.com

William LeoGrande, an American University professor who specializes in U.S.-Cuba relations, says it appears there might be a “poison pill” in President Donald Trump’s new Cuba… Continue reading

Better ties between the U.S. and Cuba? Miami’s Cubans are divided Les Neuhaus

When President Trump scaled back President Obama’s pact that broadened relations with Cuba, he said he was “completely canceling” a “terrible and misguided deal.”

There was a… Continue reading

Trump And Cuba, Or How To Bet On The Wrong Winner

14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 13 June 2017 – In less than 72 hours President Donald Trump will declare in Miami the new basis for the United States government’s policies… Continue reading

Trump’s Cuba policy tries to redefine ‘good’ U.S. tourism. That includes putting them back on tour buses. By Nick Miroff June 17 at 2:43 PM

The American traveler in Cuba — sweating, disoriented and probably a bit woozy from the… Continue reading

Analistas: ‘Las nuevas medidas golpean a los militares cubanos, pero podrían debilitar al sector privado’ AGENCIAS | Washington | 17 de Junio de 2017 – 14:33 CEST.

Con las limitaciones al comercio y los viajes a Cuba anunciadas por el… Continue reading

Diplomáticos e intelectuales piden devolver a Cuba a la lista de países terroristas En una carta enviada al presidente de EEUU Miércoles, junio 14, 2017 | CubaNet

MIAMI, Estados Unidos.- Embajadores estadounidenses, académicos y ex presos políticos cubanos pidieron en… Continue reading

Center for a Free Cuba petitions Trump to dismantle Obama Cuba policies BY MIMI WHITEFIELD mwhitefield@miamiherald.com

The Center for a Free Cuba sent a letter of gratitude to President Donald Trump Wednesday for his decision to come to Miami and… Continue reading

South Florida companies hoping to preserve Cuba gains await new Trump rules Arlene Satchell Sun Sentinel

When U.S.-based airlines and cruise lines flew or sailed through former President Barack Obama’s historic opening to Cuba, few expected that the door might… Continue reading

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