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January 2018
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In Cuba, Growing Numbers Of Bloggers Manage To Operate In A Vulnerable Gray Area July 2, 20178:26 AM ET CARRIE KAHN

In recent years, a growing number of news and political websites have popped up in Cuba. Some are taking… Continue reading

Outdated laws and limited, expensive internet access slow Cuba’s progress Committee to Protect Journalists 2 May 2017 By Carlos Lauría

Cuba’s media landscape has begun opening up in recent years, transformed by a lively blogosphere, an increasing number of news… Continue reading

Arkansas congressman to reintroduce legislation to ease trade restrictions with Cuba By Frank E. Lockwood This article was published today at 5:45 a.m.

WASHINGTON — A congressman from northeast Arkansas will reintroduce legislation to ease trade restrictions with Cuba, and… Continue reading

We need a Cuba policy that truly serves the Cuban people José R. Cárdenas

As the 2016 presidential campaign began heating up – and Florida appeared more and more winnable – the Donald Trump campaign began increasing its criticisms of… Continue reading

Whether covering an ice cream company or a hurricane, Government and independent journalists encounter the same obstruction of their work OSMAR LAFFITA ROJAS | La Habana | 27 de Octubre de 2016 – 10:59 CEST.

The arbitrary arrest of a… Continue reading

‘Periodismo De Barrio’ Discovers The Harsh Reality Of Repression Against The Press / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana, 17 October 2016 — In an editorial published Monday, the independent medium Periodosmo de Barrio (Neighborhood Journalism) distances itself from the ruling party to… Continue reading

Who Has The Right to Tell a Country’s Stories? All Its Citizens / Periodismo de Barrio

Periodismo de Barrio, 16 October 2016 – On 11 October 2016, six members of our Periodismo de Barrio (Neighborhood Journalism) team and two collaborators… Continue reading

Fidel Castro’s Battle of Ideas… Political Pantomime / Somos+, Roberto Camba

How much truth can a man take? Friedrich Nietzsche

Somos+, Roberto Camba, 12 September 2016 — They say it began with the fight to return the young rescued rafter… Continue reading

Deteriorating health of Cuban dissident on hunger strike worries international observers By Elizabeth Llorente Published August 16, 2016Fox News Latino

Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas is on the fourth week of a hunger strike, and his health continues to deteriorate, his… Continue reading

New Cuban journalism emerges on the internet, beyond official and opposition media

Digital journalism has arrived in Cuba, in the Cuban way. BY DANIEL WIZENBERG Knight Center

Rodolfo Romero is 27 years-old. He received money from the government to finance… Continue reading

Connected Cuba Is Pipedream for U.S. TelecomsL By Lydia Beyoud and Lenore Adkins

July 13 — The normalization of U.S. relations with Cuba has stirred interest among tech and telecommunications companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Verizon Inc. seeking… Continue reading

As Cubans rush through Texas, immigration policy questioned

From February to May, about 4,000 Cubans crossed over the Rio Grande River into Texas’ westernmost city. As they settle across the U.S., a broader immigration debate has emerged over whether Cuban… Continue reading

?Afro-Cuban Activists Fight Racism Between Two Fires They’re caught between a government that denies the existence of racism and fellow black Cubans who lack racial consciousness. By Sujatha FernandesTwitterTODAY 8:00 AM

A “home for sale” sign in Santiago de Cuba.… Continue reading

Cuba finds it hard to dampen afterglow of Obama visit By Michael Weissenstein?|?AP April 29 at 9:30 AM

HAVANA — Thursday morning was looking bad for Lazaro Martinez, who makes his living playing trombone for tourists on the Malecon, the… Continue reading

Quebec wants to open a permanent office in Cuba ‘We have to seize moment,’ says International Relations Minister Christine St-Pierre By Ryan Hicks, CBC News Posted: Apr 18, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 18, 2016 6:45 AM ET… Continue reading

Cuba Must End “Apartheid Against Its Citizens” / Oscar Arias, Laura Chinchilla

The undersigned, Latin Americans and diverse in our allegiances, professions and interests, but united by a common aspiration for freedom, democracy, equality and well-being throughout the hemisphere, address… Continue reading

Cuba’s Constitution of 1976: An Historic Setback / Dimas Castellano Posted on April 11, 2016

Dimas Castellano, 1 March 2016 — “Two Benchmarks of the Cuban Republic” — an article by Pedro Antonio Garcia which appeared in the journal Granma… Continue reading

Obama pushes Cuba to improve human rights By Frank Jack Daniel in Havana, Matt Spetalnick 1:19 PM Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Castro accuses US of double standards after Obama criticises human rights record.

United States President Barack Obama yesterday pushed… Continue reading

Here’s What Obama and Castro Will Discuss During Their Meeting in Cuba by Reuters MARCH 21, 2016, 10:50 AM EDT

The two leaders have deep differences to address.

U.S. President Barack Obama turns from sightseeing to state business on his… Continue reading

Obama’s trip to Cuba provokes strong emotions

Obama will make the first visit by a sitting president in nearly 90 years Major issues still separate the two countries But progress has been made since rapprochement announced Dec. 17, 2014

BY… Continue reading

Kerry cancels trip to Cuba amid frictions over human rights

The cancellation comes just two weeks before President Obama is to visit Cuba Officials: Logistical challenges of two back-to-back visits also contributed to cancellation State Department: Kerry trip might be… Continue reading


Years after their release, two Cuban journalists look back at lost years.

In March 2003 the world’s attention was transfixed on Iraq as the United States prepared to launch… Continue reading

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