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January 2021
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Under Trump’s revised policy, black Cubans will get left behind, again BY ALEJANDRO DE LA FUENTE delafuente@fas.harvard.edu

As President Trump announced the administration’s new policies on Cuba, I worried that Afro-Cubans would be the main losers. They have been losing… Continue reading

Cuban activists fighting racism weigh their fragile relationship with the government BY NORA GÁMEZ TORRES ngameztorres@elnuevoherald.com

Almost apologizing because he “doesn’t want to make things worse,” Afro-Cuban activist Norberto Mesa Carbonell recalled how Cuban police arrested him for trying to… Continue reading

Commentary: Social justice in Cuba? No racism? Javier Garcia-Bengochea Guest Columnist

Privacy Policy It ain’t what you don’t know that hurts you. It’s what you think you know that just ain’t so … Hall of Fame pitcher Satchel Paige paraphrasing… Continue reading

In Cuba, a battle against racism persists, activists say BY NORA GÁMEZ TORRES ngameztorres@elnuevoherald.com

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS More than 30 Cuban activists, writers, academics and entrepreneurs, mostly of African descent, gathered at Harvard University for an unprecedented meeting to celebrate the… Continue reading

Free market Cubans make their case YUSIMÍ RODRÍGUEZ LÓPEZ | La Habana | 3 de Abril de 2017 – 19:01 CEST.

Until 2003 Fernando Palacio oversaw the Intensive System for Medical Emergencies (SIUM), a very prominent position in one of… Continue reading

Cuban rapper dedicates new song with biting lyrics to those fleeing BY NORA GÁMEZ TORRES ngameztorres@elnuevoherald.com

The immigration experience served as the inspiring force behind a new album by Bian Oscar Rodríguez, better known in the Cuban hip-hop scene as… Continue reading

As the future closes in, there’s still time to travel to authentic Cuba THE WASHINGTON POST PUBLISHED: August 5, 2016 at 2:16 pm | UPDATED: August 5, 2016 at 2:19 By Moriah Balingit The Washington Post

For many travelers, the… Continue reading

Discovering the African Heartbeat in Cuba Johnica Reed Hawkins

This story originally appeared in the August issue of ESSENCE. Cuba is a land of contradictions. It’s a nation that is largely defined by the descendants of enslaved Africans, yet also… Continue reading

Where Hip Hop Fits in Cuba’s Anti-Racist Curriculum The country’s education leaders confront deep-seated discrimination in the classroom through rap. Alexandre Meneghini / Reuters

I was sitting with the Afrocentric rapstress Magia López Cabrera in her modest Havana walk-up in… Continue reading

In Cuba, as an uncertain future inches closer, it’s still a step back in time By Moriah Balingit July 28 at 4:30 PM

For many travelers, the goal is to physically move — to be flung through airspace and to… Continue reading

?Afro-Cuban Activists Fight Racism Between Two Fires They’re caught between a government that denies the existence of racism and fellow black Cubans who lack racial consciousness. By Sujatha FernandesTwitterTODAY 8:00 AM

A “home for sale” sign in Santiago de Cuba.… Continue reading

The Persistence of Racism in Cuba May 21, 2016 By Alberto N Jones

HAVANA TIMES — The 1994 rafter crisis, changed the face of the Cuban emigration and the strategy of the United States government to puncture and weaken the… Continue reading

57 Years Later: Towards a New Contract for Cuba (Pt. 2) / 14ymedio, Manuel Cuesta Morua

14ymedio, Manuel Cuesta Morua, Havana, 8 May 2016 — The only certainty in Cuba in political terms is that the government accumulates a lot… Continue reading

Did the Revolution End Racial Discrimination in Cuba? April 15, 2016 By Yusimi Rodriguez

HAVANA TIMES — The United Nations designated March 21 as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This year, Cuba’s official media, tasked with… Continue reading

Obama pushes Cuba to improve human rights By Frank Jack Daniel in Havana, Matt Spetalnick 1:19 PM Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Castro accuses US of double standards after Obama criticises human rights record.

United States President Barack Obama yesterday pushed… Continue reading

Cuba Says It Has Solved Racism. Obama Isn’t So Sure. By DAMIEN CAVEMARCH 23, 2016

HAVANA — President Obama spoke of his Kenyan heritage. He talked about how both the United States and Cuba were built on the backs of… Continue reading

What Obama’s visit means for Cuba’s national conversation about race Kate LinthicumContact Reporter

In recent years, Afro-Cuban intellectuals have started gathering in a cramped Havana apartment to discuss a topic long considered off-limits in Cuba: race.

Fidel Castro’s communist revolution… Continue reading

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