Facts, not fiction
January 2021
We run various sites in defense of human rights and need support to pay for more powerful servers. Thank you.

I have started this website years ago and it has been moved a couple of times.

A trip in 2001 started this project.  I was fascinated by the warmth of the Cuban people and disgusted by the “apartheid” I found. That started my first and now defunct “Cubafaq” site: just a couple of pages with pointers and information. Hence the name “Cubafaq”.

I then moved on to a sites in which I posted news I found on the web including via feeds from other people that feel the news has to get out.

This site was recently started merging the full database files from the ” Iniciativa Cubaverdad” and mine. I had been using their feed for a while at WordPress.com, but decided to move to the web-space offered by the “Impela Project” as the contraints in size and use of additional programs called “plugins” is completely excluded by WordPress.com.

For those that wonder: “impela” means truth in the Zulu language.

The project is run dedicated to remove all racism and apartheid.

Our “war cry” against apartheid and abuses:

“Niyabasaba na?”  (Are you afraid of them?)

“Hhayi asibesabi siyabafuna.” (No, we aren’t, bring them on)

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