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As Cubans await policy changes, Trump sends a message on Cuban
Independence Day

On the 115th anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Cuba, President
Donald Trump on Saturday extended his “warmest wishes” to Cuban
Americans and promised that he will work for Cubans on the island to
have a government that respects democracy and civil liberties.

“Today, we remember patriots like José Martí, who devoted himself to
making Cuba an economically competitive and politically autonomous
nation,” Trump said in a statement. “He reminds us that cruel despotism
cannot extinguish the flame of in the hearts of Cubans, and that
unjust cannot tamper Cubans’ dreams for their children to
live free from oppression.”

During his campaign, Trump promised to change Cuba policy, and a State
Department official recently said that the United States would seek to
put more pressure on the Cuban government regarding its
record. It was anticipated that an announcement about these changes
would come by Saturday, but it was postponed because of the president’s
trip to the Middle East and because the Cuba policy review has not been
completed, a White House spokeswoman told el Nuevo Herald.

In his statement, Trump also highlighted the “outstanding contributions”
of several generations of Cuban Americans to the United States.

“Cuban Americans have distinguished themselves in literature, the arts,
business, sports, the courts, Congress, and within my Administration. We
are especially thankful to the Cuban Americans who serve in our military
and who have sacrificed in defense of our freedom.”

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Source: As Cubans await policy changes, Trump sends a message on Cuban
Independence Day | Miami Herald –

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