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The Peace the Castros are Looking For / Luis Felipe Rojas

Luis Felipe Rojas, 13 August 2016 — Now, in the second week of August,
dozens of members of the Cuban opposition have been trapped in their
houses. The Cuban political have been instructed to close off the
streets and mount patrols to prevent dissidents from going out to protest.

The photos published by the ex-political Ángel Moya Acosta let
us see the Lawton area in Havana, where police patrols, olive-green
forces and members of the Rapid Response Brigade harass Cuban
dissidents, especially the Ladies in White, to stop them going to Sunday
mass or arranging the monthly Literary Tea (monthly meetings with
discussions and speeches on current social/political situation in Cuba,
attended by opposition group representatives).

The peace that the Castros are looking for: with plastic handcuffs,
rubber truncheons and fetid cells.

Translated by GH

Source: The Peace the Castros are Looking For / Luis Felipe Rojas –
Translating Cuba –

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